What is a palletizer?

A palletizer is a machine that provides automatic means for sorting, transferring and stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet.

Palletizing or palletization refers to the action of placing products on a pallet for shipment or storage. Mostly, products are stacked in a pattern that maximizes the amount of product in the load by weight and volume while being stable enough to prevent products from shifting or crushing each other. Most palletizing applications are accomplished by manual labor. However, since workers are becoming harder to find most manufacturers are introducing robots into their workshops to make up for the lack of employees on the market.


What are the benefits of palletization?

The main purpose of our product the ’Series 3’ platform is to automate the packaging process. The functional cell will save personnel from monotonous and hard work, leaving the operator with the ability to control and monitor.

What makes Series3 to stand out?




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