What is a welding cobot?

Collaborative welding robots - or welding cobots for short - are industrial robots with a safety rating that require little or no safety equipment compared to conventional industrial robots. Welding cobots can solve ergonomic problems and save space and costs for certain equipment.
Cobot welding or collaborative robot welding is fast, flexible, economical - a system created for automation in medium-sized businesses. With this type of welding automation, the welder remains completely under the control of the system. The welder can work with several cobots at the same time. The cobot executes the instructions perfectly and accurately every time. Compared to other automation solutions, its investment costs are significantly lower.

What about our welding solutions?

Continuously increasing efficiency in industry is one of the most important tasks for both automated and manual tasks.
In addition to the most complex robot and target solutions, our welding solutions are also designed to accelerate and facilitate manual welding tasks. We are also continually developing the mechanical capabilities and controls of our equipment to fit and meet the demands of the era and Industry 4.0 approach.
Easy to use – even for those who have never used a robot, our collaborative welding robot technology, coupled with the knowledge and expertise that stands behind every welding cobot, gives you the confidence to automate difficult welding projects.





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